Surf Spots

Los Cardones:

Right in front of the lodge. A gentle sand bottom beach with long lefts and rights breaking off a river mouth. Perfect for longboarders and intermediate surfers all year round. Gentle and safe for beginners.


15 min walk. An island-like left point, fast and hollow. Breaks over a shallow rock shelf; experts only.


1h30 min walk. Excellent beach break, A-frames all day.


NOV-MAR: Waist to head-high offshore perfection. The river mouth peaks are well formed, which means very long clean lines to get creative on.

APR-OCT: As we enter the South swell season, the waves get progressively bigger, head-high to double-over- head. Los Cardones beach stays fun and safe for all levels.

Water temperature is 26-29 C (79-84F) all year. Bring warm water wax.

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are offered every day. In line with the requirements of the International Surfing Association, our surf lessons include:

  • assessment of past experience
  • board choice
  • ocean safety
  • personal safety
  • technique
  • warm up and practice.

Surfboard Rentals

We have a quiver of 35 boards to satisfy all styles: longboards, shortboards, funboards, and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) for cruising and performance. Take advantage of our weekly board rental rates and save yourself the headache of travelling with a board.


We are proud members of the Wyoming Surf Club and the Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier.

Fans of Bushman Surfboards. Admirers of Daniel’s longboards.

Follow our friendly surf tribe around the world at these surf schools ran by dear friends : Édouard Delpero, Christophe Reinhardt, Feathers and Fur, Rubén Fuentes, Shell Beach Surf Shop.

Find the same feeling up the mountains with Andre Haase   .


NicaLibre Los Cardones by Fredvintage go

The energy is set immediately as you wind through a lush jungle canopy, only to arrive at the most pristine beachfront resort - with no one else around. It may as well be a secluded island, fully packed with anything and everything you'd need. We started a travel surf company so we could host retreats around the world - but after hosting at Los Cardones we can't bring ourselves to go anywhere else! As hosts that are organizing group events for others, we always are trying to ensure that nothing goes overseen. After hosting at Los Cardones, we were left with nothing but comfort and confidence of the support of the Los Cardones team for our next retreat. When a retreat comes together it is an amazing experience for all involved. Los Cardones sets the stage for the things to fall right into place. Everything you could possibly ask for is right there at your fingertips. It's the full package. Amazing cabins, delicious food, around the clock service - and a magical beach break. It's everything you'd ever want for a retreat location.